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Over the past few years we have had the opportunity to fly over vast amounts of the Rocky, Purcell and Selkirk Mountains of Western Canada. This gallery is a collection of the peaks, valleys, rivers and lakes many of us call home. How many of these peaks can you name?

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Mount FernieMount Bisaro, Mount KlauerMount Washburn MassifLizard Range, Fernie Alpine ResortMount Fernie, Fernie B.C.Tanglefoot, and Bull PeakBanff National ParkMount AssiniboineMount AssiniboineMarvel LakeMount BirdwoodHeight of the Rockies Provincial Park AreaSmith PeakSmith Peak, Mount MikeBull Mountain, The SteeplesCascade Mountain, Poplar LakesCascade MountainKootenay LakeMount JohnsonMount Aosta, Upper Elk Valley