Skiing the Coast Mountains

This love affair with the Coast Mountains was first ignited in springtime in 2012 and 2013 during a series of fly-in ski trips and traverses I completed to train for upcoming acmg guide exams. I dragged my family and any adventurous friends I could trap into seeking fresh corn snow amongst the glaciers and high peaks... 

Tyax Air was instrumental for basecamp style adventures. Traverses are fun and all… but fly-in is luxury ski mountaineering! 

Sam works on his modelling career and nipple sunburn.

Bridget and Sam carve some sweet turns on the glacier off the north side of Madhorse Mountain.

Returning to basecamp at dusk across the Overseer Glacier after a long day

Heading towards the Golden Calf to bag one more peak and another gorgeous descent.

Fresh wolverine tracks cross our path

Route planning during a stormy whiteout day 

A stormy ascent up the SE ridge of Overseer

7 days gone by too fast...

The Manatee Glacier and it's surrounding peaks become the stomping grounds for our next 10 day adventure... Brave companions Sam, Bill and my sister Kat stoked for some exciting days ahead.

We set our sights first on snagging the magnificent and iconic Wahoo Tower

It got a little steep... 

Bill is all smiles looking up towards the south face and summit of Wahoo Tower

Solid spring conditions and low avalanche hazard allow us to ascend the steep south face

Bill finds a little powder on the way down

A glorious morning looking out towards Bonito and Albacore Peaks

Kat and Sam ascending the steep west ridge of Mt. Sirenia 

I belay Sam up the final few pitches to the summit of Sirenia

Sam charges down the glacier with the north face of Wahoo Tower in the background

Admiring the endless possibilites...

Kat eyes up the steep NE chute off Mt.Bonito   

 Kat's last turn before her ski punches through a small crevasse and she falls, rag-dolling down 250 vertical meters of remaining chute and very narrowly avoiding landing in some large crevasses below. The rest of us all have mini heart attacks watching. Miraculously Kat is fine, and I am able to retrieve her ski from the crevasse.

A storm blows in shredding Sam’s tent with the extreme winds, keeps us shoveling our tents out all night, and sets off a few big avalanches. 

Me standing on the summit of Mt.Oluk

Skiing the East Glacier off Oluk

A great overview, our camp is the little dots on the glacier lower right.

I drop in to a steep north chute off Mt.Obelia

 Last night under the stars

Dirtbagging back in Whistler 

The moon over Mt.Currie as we depart Pemberton for our next adventure The Pebble Glacier is an epic destination. So many peaks to ski and a perfect weather forecast for a whole week. 

Mum ascends to the summit of Pebble Peak with her game face and zinc war paint on. 


We return to camp to open our food bin and find our food floating in melted butter and chocolate. Apparently it gets HOT on these glaciers in the spring! Half an hour later we spy a Grizzly sow and her cub crossing the Pebble glacier. Luckily they ignore the smells of melted butter and continue on their way

 Ascending the NW ridge of Mt.Sessel

 Starting the descent down the North Face of Sessel

  North face of Mt.Sessel, if you look closely you can see our traverse track from the summit ridge.

 A close call this day as I went for a solo ski  up Mt.Spillman while Kat and Mum rested at camp. You can just make out my ski track beside the slide. Got lucky this time around.

  More springtime avalanche activity

  Kat smiling as she gains the north ridge of Mt.Wesley

  Home sweet home after another long day of ski mountianeering

 Mum sporting all the glacier fashion essentials - glacier goggles, silly hat and excess zinc

  Looking east towards Mt.Sugus

 Climbing up the ridge to the NE sub-peak of Mt.Watts

 South Ridge of Mt.Watts, Mt.Sessel north face behind 

One last epic ski down perfect corn off Pebble Peak before the ski plane comes to snatch us back to civilization.


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