Thailand and Indonesia (Bali)

Thailand; Our plan was simple, get there in time to photograph a destination wedding. What we did after that was to be decided over the next 2 months. Martina wanted to get to the climbing, and I just wanted to explore as much as I could of this part of the world. 



After 4 flights and 26hrs, we were on a boat heading to the wedding...

What a magical place for a destination wedding!


Afterward we were off to see the sites around Koh Yao Noi.


We saw the locals producing natural rubber products.


Then went kayaking through caves and lagoons,


and took a boat to Phang-Nga - floating village.


Downtown Phang-Nga.


After 4 days around Koh Yao Noi, it was time to head to the Krabi district (Tonsai/Railay Beach) for some rock climbing.


...and tree house accommodations.


The sun sets were okay as well...


I don't think she can wait any longer for the bouldering...


Steep overhangs,

Thailand_0155 climbing,
Thailand_0159 and awkwardly fun moves.


Rappelling down to the climbing area, after spelunking right through a mountain.


What to do between climbs? Visit a primeval lagoon!
Thailand_0186 Where are the Dinosaurs?
Thailand_0188 Definitely NOT a Fernie cedar tree...


Touring the caves around Railay and Tonsai


The bluest water I ever did see.


Some local Thai kids enjoying their natural environment.
Thailand_0363 Only 1500 steps to the top,


for the rewarding views.


Through the eyes of an elephant.


Some coffee with the locals...


Last day in Tonsai, and time for some casual kayak relaxation.


On to Ko Tao for more tropical sunsets, and world class scuba diving with elusive Whale Sharks!


A long tail boat parked for the night.
Thailand_0600 With our 1 month visa expiring, it was time to leave Thailand.
Thailand_0642 A budget flight to Bali was found,
Thailand_0629 where rice harvesting is going strong,
Thailand_0706 and rice terraces are everywhere.
Thailand_0722 They also produce amazing coffee, roasted the old fashioned way!
Thailand_0742 Farming the rich soil from the volcano of Mt.Batur,
Thailand_1081 ... and weaving.
Thailand_0748 The local culture in the remote parts of Bali is still going strong.
Thailand_0763 With entertainment...
Thailand_0781 religion,
Thailand_0745 and happy kids all over.
Thailand_0891 A short hike onto the outer rim of Mount Batur,
Thailand_0874 offers some great views
Thailand_0903 One town in the area still believes in open burial sites.
Thailand_0899 With plenty of cigarettes and coins left for the afterlife.
Thailand_1092 After the volcano, it was time to head to Amed for world class snorkeling and budget luxury accommodations..
Thailand_1128 Had to sneak this one in...
Thailand_1162 The snorkeling truly was amazing!
Thailand_1225 Checking out the Coral. Thailand_1235 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish.
Thailand_1331 After Amed beach time, it was time to head to another beach.  With bigger waves...
Thailand_1312 and groups of locals that send offerings to the sea,
Thailand_1356 to bring good fortune to the tide harvesting,
Thailand_1350 and night fishing.
Thailand_1382 With one week left, it was time to return to Thailand to see some friends... and temples.
Thailand_1501 A school girl waits for the rain to stop.
Thailand_1390 North East Thailand.  Very different from the South.
Thailand_1394 With amazing caves...
Thailand_1404 full of bats that come out every evening to hunt

Thailand_1377 Delicious food is easy to find in Thailand!
Thailand_1444 After the remote Isaan region, it was back to Bangkok for the sights and smells...
Thailand_1470 .. and culture.
Thailand_1499 The end.

O ya,  there were some critters too.

I hope you enjoyed this.  If you would like to see more photos from Thailand or Bali, please GO HERE!.


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