Aerial Photography

Raven Eye Photography is a leader in aerial photography, and we just stepped it up!  With a environmentally friendly electric "hexacopter" that is specialized for low and high level areal photographs, we can get the shots not normally possible with the much more expensive helicopter or plane (we have access to those too).  We can fly in residential areas, and below tree tops, with a flight range of over 1000m!.  Our hexacopter is perfect for real estate, events, weddings, portraits and general commercial work.  Our machine, and crew are fully insured and registered with Transport Canada.

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Common questions about our Aerial Photography

How long is the flight time?

There are many variables that affect flight time. We bring enough batteries to each shoot to ensure more than enough flying time.  We can also re-charge our batteries in the field.

What is the maximum range?

The machine is rated to 1500m, for safety reasons we never push it that far. With a on board mini CMOS camera, we are able to see exactly what the machine, and the camera sees.  This enables us to frame and capture the perfect shot, while holding the perfect flight path.

What resolution are the photos and video? 

Our still photography shot at 18.5mp in RAW format.  This gives us plenty of dynamic range to create stunningly vivid photographs, in a size easily used for billboard size prints.  Our videos are shot at either 1080p or 1080i, usually at 60 fps.

What are the advantages opposed to a real helicopter? 

We can fly our multi-rotor in locations a full size helicopter can not, including urban areas, weddings, and family portraits.  The hexacopter is also substantially cheaper with its low operating costs.

What are the rates?

The hexacopter is a fraction of the price of a helicopter or plane. Each job is unique and different, please contact us for a free estimate.  Most shoots require a visit to the site before the shoot, this helps us plan our shots and preform or hazard assessment.  This is done at no extra cost.

Is it safe?

Raven Eye Photography takes safety very seriously. We survey each site before the shoot to come up with our hazard assessment and plan the shoot accordingly.  Our machine is has built in G.P.S for smooth and safe flights, as well as a fail safe return to home function.  While the risk of damage to persons or property is very low, we are fully insured and registered with Transport Canada

Do you offer more than aerial cinematography and still photography?

Yes!  We can do aerial survey work, assist with land planning and management.  The possibilities with this technology truly is endless.  Please contact us for more information.