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Todd Weselake

Martina Halik
 Viewing the world through his camera since the late 90’s, Todd has a strong creative sense to his work. His extensive experience shooting everything from action sports and portraits, to editorial and commercial work helps him view the scene from every angle. When he is not behind the lens, he is most certainly out enjoying the mountains on his mountain bike, snowmobile, or traveling to remote reaches of the globe. Martina calls herself the prettier half of Raven Eye Photography. Never afraid to get a little dirty you’ll see her climbing trees, wading into icy rivers and getting elbows deep in the mud to capture the perfect photo for you. She loves the variety of her photo assignments and is equally passionate about taking sexy boudoir photos as she is shooting a mountain bike event in the rain, or a construction site at a mine. Photography is one of her many passions which she likes to mix with her other favorite activities like rock climbing, ski mountaineering and canoeing.